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 Unban appeal format & rules

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Unban appeal format & rules Empty
PostSubject: Unban appeal format & rules   Unban appeal format & rules EmptyMon May 23, 2011 11:28 am

Your In-Game Name?:''...''write in white
Name of the admin that banned you?:''...''
write in white
Banned on Date?:''...''write in white
Banned Reason? :''...''write in white
Why you should we unban you?:''...''write in white
What is your ip?:''...''write in white

If you dont know your ip go here: http://www.whatismyip.com/

Unban appeal Rules :
* No posting in other's unban appeal.
*Don't re-apply in others unban appeal if your not involved, only administrators can and the person that got banned.
* Don't post 2 ban appeals, 1 is enough if its denied.
* Don't spam the topic saying : " man it been weeks and nothing yet ".
Be Patient.
* Don't flame in anyway saying : That stupid admin banned me or are you blind?
you would not get unbanned.

You must read this unban appeal format.
A NOTE FOR ADMINS: If you ban a player take a SS of he's behavior ... if you dont player will be auto-unbanned
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Unban appeal format & rules
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