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 Security Informations

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Date d'inscription : 2010-11-20
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PostSubject: Security Informations   Security Informations EmptyThu Jun 21, 2012 3:48 pm

How best security your password
Password.Big and small letters in pass is guarantee of quality security account.Never take same password as your name In game or e-mail adress in alphabetical order or numerical order Example.:abcdefghi, 12345, - best way is take in your password special characters Example: @{&đ|€\~ˇ˘°. From time to time, but not the rule, it will be good change passwords.

Nick in Game
Dont Choose name what is Rasist,Insult or imitates nick of other player.When you will go in game server see section Admin Team and check if your name is not same as nick of administrator.

Never,Never take your password to player or administrator.Admins will never want from you password.When you will lose your account password.We are not obliged to take you password from your acc.

Unkown nick
Even in such cases may occurt.One bad click, or tempting registration to unkown can mean instant death to your computer.Most of these scripts operate on obtaining your password, or downloading a virus.

The guarantee of quality computer secure is to have quality antivirus.I recommendet ESET Smart Security. Can manage the firewall, antispam includes, antispyware.In short, everything that reliably eliminates harmful material from the depths of your Internet.Computer control, it is recommended once a week.

Ignorance of the rules is no excuse
Before anything in the game you start, read the rules first.We dont take Unbans to players what used cheats ! Please,Take a lesson from the previous punishes and please do not ignore it. Your Punishes can be seened in your application to Admin team

This Security Informations was created for server Escape the zombies Resident Evil
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Security Informations
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